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Ville & Rue’s Captivating Campaign Production: A Glimpse into Interior Design Excellence

Welcome to the enchanting world of our client Ville & Rue, where interior design meets elegance, and every corner holds a story. At Ville & Rue, they craft custom furniture and curate home decor that captures the essence of a beautiful life. Our recent campaign production shoot with them was a labor of love, an endeavor to showcase their atelier, the fantastic team, and the picturesque backdrop of Lancaster City Architecture. Join us as we take you through this journey behind the scenes of this campaign production, where every detail was carefully thought out to bring their brand to life.

The Vision: A Glimpse into Ville & Rue’s World

This campaign production was not just another photo session – it was a celebration of the Ville & Rue aesthetic. Our goal was to capture their atelier’s newly expanded space, update team photos, create lifestyle branding shots, and showcase the stunning architecture of Lancaster City. The photos would serve as windows into their world, inviting you to explore the elegance and beauty that they offer.

Glamming Up with Rebecca

Rebecca, the owner and founder of Ville & Rue, took center stage in this production. We wanted to ensure that she looked her absolute best, so we hired talented hair and makeup artists from Revolve Atelier to add an extra touch of glamour. After all, the face of Ville & Rue should be as stunning as the brand itself.

Rebecca, the owner and founder of Ville & Rue, during her glamorous photo session.

Wardrobe Magic

Wardrobe plays a vital role in telling the story of Ville & Rue. Our team carefully selected outfits that perfectly complemented Ville & Rue’s brand’s style. Every detail, from the fabrics, patterns, to the colors, was meticulously planned to ensure that every photo told a story that connected with their ideal clientele demographic.

Flat-Lays and Partner Showcase

But a campaign production is about more than just individual shots; it’s about creating a narrative. Our team crafted exquisite flat-lays to provide beautiful content imagery for our social platforms. Additionally, we showcased some of their merchant partners, highlighting the relationships that make Ville & Rue thrive.

The Significance of Campaign Productions

While content photo sessions serve a crucial purpose, campaign productions are a different breed altogether. They allow us to take more control of the planning, reducing our clients’ workload and ensuring that every aspect of the production aligns with their brand vision. From fashion choices to set design, location scouting, and beyond, every detail is thoughtfully curated.

At Ville & Rue, they believe that campaign productions are a testament to their commitment to excellence. They are a reflection of their passion for their brand and the dedication they have towards delivering the highest quality for their clientele.

In conclusion, the campaign production shoot for Ville & Rue was an immersive experience that brought their brand to life through a stunning collection of photographs. We hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes glimpse of this journey. Join us as we continue to celebrate the beauty of custom furniture, curated home decor, and the essence of Ville & Rue.

xx, April

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