"April & Mike captured the 
most                 imagery for our brand and took us to a new level!"


- Rebecca Addington, Ville & Rue


While many individuals adhere to a fixed photographic style accompanied by preconceived notions, our approach involves crafting photos uniquely suited to each client. After all, shouldn't your photography seamlessly align with both you and your brand, reflecting your distinctive essence?


Although our collaboration with businesses technically categorizes us as commercial photographers, we resist aligning ourselves with that conventional notion. The term 'commercial photography' often conjures images of sterile, flawlessly illuminated, stock-like visuals. However, our clients seek something distinct – a more intimate, artistic portrayal through imagery. This is precisely where our expertise lies.

While every brand and business necessitate fundamental elements such as polished headshots, uniform stock imagery, and showcased client ventures, it's equally vital to transcend these essentials. Embracing content that authentically reflects your essence and resonates with your audience is paramount. This realm is where enchantment unfolds – igniting our passion as dedicated brand connoisseurs.

Aren’t afraid to get outside the box. 

our dream clients

We hold a strong belief in allowing individuals to excel in their areas of expertise – a principle that led you to us in the first place. Your proficiency shines in your work, just as ours does in our field. By entrusting us with our skills, you can wholeheartedly devote your energy to perfecting your craft.

Believe in trust & not putting an artist in a box.

our dream clients

Effectively managing a thriving business and embracing genuine passion for your craft are harmonious endeavors. While pursuing profit is respectable, we may not align ideally if financial gain solely motivates you. Our distinctive approach to shaping your brand's image is infused with a distinct personality, underscoring the significance of cultivating strong client relationships. Prioritizing these connections allows us to deeply understand your essence, thereby empowering us to artfully amplify your brand.

Have a passion for their craft.

our dream clients

here's how this thing works

01. Let’s Meet

Whether over the phone, zoom, or in person (our favorite). Here's where we get to know each other, your brand, and where you see your brand going and how we can help you. 

02. Proposal

If we're a good fit, we'll send you all the information on how we can best serve you. From curated retainer plans ranging from 6 to 12 month contracts or just need one or two services to refine your brand. From Top Shelf Services, to just content We'll give you all the information so you can make an informed decision. 

03. Contract & Plan

After selecting the perfect plan to fit your needs, we'll craft your contract. Once secured with signature and retainer, we'll hit the ground running on getting a branding road map to you based on your tailored services. 

04. Beauty Unfolds

Get ready for the visual representation of your brand actually showcase your brand in all its true beauty & intention.