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White Cliffs of Conoy Engagement


Five years ago I arrived to a wedding ready to capture a stunningly amazing couple. I went into the brides home and introduced myself to the bridal party just like I always do. What I didn’t realize at the time was I was introducing myself to one of our current brides! Dani was a bridesmaid to one of our 2015 brides!

I remember seeing on Dani’s personal Facebook that she got engaged. Dan, her fiancé, planned for her family and friends to line the aisle of the stable her horse is boarded at, lined with candles leading her to the end of the stable with Dan waiting with a ring and her beloved horse. 

I mean come on!! I swooned over this proposal and we were equally as excited with Dani and Dan met with us to discuss their wedding. 

Dani and Dan will be wed at the same venue that wedding took place at 5 years ago October 2020 and we are certain it will be a special day all around!


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