We do Branding a Little Differently.

Classic product photography, Emotionally Evoking Campaigns, Beautifully Styled Details, Documentary Style Story Telling, and Mindful Composition. We aspire for our branding clients to have it all with the consistency of having everything under one roof!




Meeting for coffee in our home city, if you're local to Pennsylvania or maybe a virtual night cap if you're out of the area. Getting to the core of who you are and your passion for your brand is a vital part of our process. During this time we'll discuss your overall budget and create a few custom options tailored just for you and your brand.


Once we're gotten to know you two and how we can best serve you, we'll work with you in negotiating the perfect branding protocol for your budget. Once we receive your retainer and a signed contract, the fun is just beginning! We'll get to work on whatever your custom agreement entails. Whether it's starting with a brand strategy meeting for our all inclusive clients. Or setting up shoot dates for our product/interior photo only clients.

Trust & communication

These two values are essential through your branding agreement with us. We understand how difficult it is to outsource services for your brand. We treat each brand with the same integrity as our own. We stay connected with you throughout your entire term with us because we understand that as your business grows, so does your branding needs.

Imagery Based

While most marketing agencies are concerned, their core is usually graphic designed based. We do not follow that approach. We are photographers by trade, therefore, we know just how important  your imagery will effect your brand and how your clientele sees you. Whether is from full production campaigns or simple stock & interior imagery. It all matters and consistency is key to earning your clients trust.

Full Service, at your service

While yes we started as photographers, we have grown into stylists, brand strategist, and consultants. With years of experience working with small start ups all the way to working along side international couture fashion designers. Our team is here to serve your brand and all its needs. From content curation, to website customization.

 contract renewal 

At the end of your term, you will have the opportunity to renew your agreement with us if you wish. Many of our clients choose to continue their contract with us because at the end of the term we are so closely connected to your brand. We only serve a limited number of branding clients each year. So our contract clients get exclusive access to full time branding contracts.

press & praise

April managed to catch the essence of our brand perfectly, the photos were perfect! Since then, I have hired April and Mike to shoot our fall editorial in Savannah and of course, New York Bridal Week 2019.

- DOMENICA STANZIOLA | domenica domenica


All Branding Agreements are Custom & Tailored to your needs.

When we first started, we wanted to create magnificent imagery that evokes romance, images that will last a lifetime. We've always found inspiration from history, fine art, & architecture. Every part of life & history has an essence of romance. With every  brand we shoot, we channel these fierce emotions to capture the true qualities of the day.

Our style comes from  years of working alongside couture designers, being artists of fine mediums, and art directing.  Having the understanding of fine compositions, paying attention styling the finest details and find the beauty in its raw form everywhere we go.

We're known for our signature style - that will have your ideal client saying "Yes! I want more of them in my life!"

“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful—that will be my life.”

 we believe

Your brand should showcase its best self.

Imagine that each client, every view of your brand on social media, your website, your e-commerce store is a blind date. It sounds silly, but that is exactly the case. Your brand needs to be consistent and professional and with that, gains trust from your audience.

 we believe

Allowing people to do what they're good at.

Something that is said quite often, but not often practiced. You are a master at your craft. We are masters at our craft. Our Team are masters at their crafts. Together...we are unstoppable.


All the services listed below are available for your custom branding agreement with us


A Campaign is a specialized photoshoot with a specific content theme. A production to this scale requires extensive planning with casting, wardrobe, location scouting, story boarding, styling, directing and more! We have a top notch team of professionals to make these productions run smoothly. With option to include video if you really want your production to stand out!

stock & Product Photography

This service mainly focuses on imagery for your e-commerce store however you can also use these images as filler content on social media. Includes styling your products on set, props, backdrops, shoot time, and of course the final edited images.

travel | Journalistic photography

This service is for bloggers, influencers, or lifestyle brands. Is your business inspired by architecture? Then lets plan a trip to New York and photograph architecture on the Upper West Side with the Historic Brownstones. This is just one of many examples whether its New York, France, Italy, Spain.

Interior Photography

For all those old home transformations & interior designers. This one is for you! This isn't the traditional real estate photography approach. This is a brand & detail orientated interior photography. These images can be used to showcase your home for sale, content for social media, or portfolio work for website or client look books.

Food Photography

This service can be used for cook-books, social platforms, and website portfolio. Includes styling your products on set, props, backdrops, shoot time, and of course the final edited images to use for your socials & e-commerce site.

content curation

So you got the images, you got the videos..now what? Curation my friend, curation. Did you know that museums only display about 10% of their collections to the public? Having that same mindset when it comes to your social media is key to crafting a stunning grid that has potential clients wanting more and raving about you to their friends and family!

brand consulting

Do you want the top shelf treatment? This addition to your contract means having our brains in your back pocket on a regular basis. We help you brain storm promotions, product ideas, business strategy, and more! Whether you want in person meetings, video meetings, or phone meetings. We are here to help your brand strategy stay consistent. Consistency means trust and trust from your clients is everything.

website customization

We work with some of the best website designers in the business. Whether you're a creative or a shop owner or a salon. We will curate 3 different designs from our designers that will bring your brand to the next level. You pick your favorite, and then we customize it and set it up for you! 

film work

While photography is our base we have a deep appreciation for how films can capture the movement and essence of your brand. We have an exceptional team of filmmakers that work alongside of us and our direction to bring your campaign to life in a top shelf way!

Designer styling

With styling you have access to our exclusive style closet filled with designs from top designers. This service is included in our production campaigns but is an add on service for other photo & video shoots.

graphic design

We wouldn't be a full service atelier without offering some sort of graphic design element to our clientele. Our Graphic Design services are an add on service for our clients that are needing a complete transformation rebrand for their business. 


are in 

“Nothing compares to April & Mike!”

"When we started working with April & Mike my brand transformed in front of my very eyes. My little baby brand that I created from scratch is now doing campaign productions in New York, working with professional models and designer labels. My clients raving how luxurious my brand looks now! From the campaigns to the product imagery, and now our website! My brand now visually fully coexists with the intention I always planned for it to be. I could not have done this without April & Mike."

Talitha Collado
Collado Custom Cosmetics

“Their attention to detail is unparalleled.”

“April and Mike’s photography's true to tone without sacrificing seeing the detail. It helps me to convey the multi layers of every angle in the styles iI try to express. I appreciate how particular they are and their attention to detail allows me to focus on the experience because I know we will capture the moment.”

whitney Ray


Like we said - we know how hard it is to trust someone else with the integrity of your brand, so here are some questions that we hear pretty often.

Q: What sets you apart from other photographers?

A: We’ve compiled our years of training and love for love to create a custom experience to help you directly target YOUR ideal client! We have experience in the fashion industry, working with interior designers, product styling for retail, as well as the wedding industry! Honestly, the options are limitless! As Brand Specialist we help you understand the way your ideal clientele thinks, and not only provide you with imagery that will attract them, but also help you learn how to represent your brand so you’re staying authentic and consistent to keep your ideal clientele coming back!

Q: Will we get the print release to our photos in our gallery?

A: Yes! Upon receiving your images, you will also get a full commercial print release. This gives you the right to print and use the images commercially . Not only will you get the print release, but every photo in your gallery is fully edited! Please note, this doesn’t entail that you own the copyrights. Those always belong under ownership of the photographer.

Q: What kind of clents do you serve?

A: Oh man, where do we start? We serve clients in the fashion industry, wedding vendors, retail stores, anthropologists, bakeries, interior designers, realtors...you name it! While we no longer work with start up businesses, we thrive on getting to know each individual brand and the intricacies of each industry. One industry we're excited to branch into is the restaurant circuit. 

Q: How do we book you for our branding

A: A signed contract & your first payment at time of signing is required in order to make it official . For our retainer clients, payment is due the first of the month of the month of your session.

Q: Are the people featured on your site models?

A: For the most part, we encourage our clients to be the face of their brands. Society wants to see and know the person behind the brand. Its a part of what they're paying for. However, having a variety of faces and people on your platforms is vital. We do highly encourage using professional models for larger production campaigns & fashion stock imagery. However, with our direction we can work with any subject.

Q: how can you service so many different INDUSTRIES?

A: One word..Research. While we do a deep dive into each of our clients as individuals as well as their business. We do extensive research into their industry and market. We do this so we have all the tools and information we need to serve our branding clients to the best of our abilities. 

Q: What's your travel protocol?

A: While each of our travel agreements is custom to each project. We do have a strict 4 day - 3 night minimum. The reason for this is so we have the chance to acclimate to the environment  we're in so we're not working on a jet-lagged brain. Travel assignments are our absolute favorite so we make sure we're in our best headspace so your shoot will be documented in the best way.

“April & Mike are like nothing else we've ever experienced.”

We are beyond impressed by April & Mike! Their work and passion - you don't come across people like this everyday. When we first met, it really was like talking with an old friend. Working with them brings us so much joy! They are flexible with our crazy schedule because they understand what it's like to be a business owner.  

- Rebecca, Ville & Rue


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