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Cork Factory Hotel Lancaster Pennsylvania Wedding

He clears his throat, under a ladder draped with bright florals and white cloth. The room is eagerly watching him, listening intently for that first word. The officiant, with nervous excitement welcomes the guests who have traveled hours to celebrate the bride and groom. He looks at the bride, his granddaughter, a feeling of pride and astonishment filled his being as he began to speak. He has performed many, numerous weddings in the past. But what about this particular wedding has him so nervous, so short on words. Is is that his granddaughter is getting married? Is it that she just graduated from John Hopkins school of nursing with her Masters Degree? Maybe, I’m sure any grandparent would be welling up over that, over officiating their grandchild’s wedding and thinking of all the incredible things they have accomplished. And then he said it, this was his first wedding he has ever performed in English. It was that moment that we felt in awe of this family and this union. Katlyn and Julian are those people that stay true to themselves but we didn’t realize just how true to themselves they are until that moment. Culture is something that sits very deep inside our souls and we are always so fascinated learning, seeing, experiencing it all. 

We loved every minute of their Cork Factory Hotel wedding. Katlyn and Julian shared their love for each other and who they are in the best ways, so that even the team felt like part of the family. One of our favorite parts was that they decided against having a traditional sit down dinner. Instead, they served small plates their guests and they could pick and choose what they wanted! Because, as many young adults, especially those in school, know that eating small plates is much more efficient than a regular dinner every night. This is something they love to do at home, in Baltimore, Maryland. Going around, experiencing the culture of food their city. This was something they wanted to share with their guests and we absolutely loved it! It was such a beautiful day from start to finish with the help of the coordination team at the Cork Factory Hotel and Pam from Petals with Style transforming this historic, iconic, ballroom nestled inside Lancaster City, Pennsylvania with stunning fresh and colorful florals. The night ended with a packed dance floor of the young crowd mixed with the older generation all celebrating the bride and groom, a new marriage, that will for certain be an incredible adventure. 

Katlyn and Julian, even though we didn’t have as much time to get to know you both as usual. We don’t love you any less! Sometimes shorter engagements can be a little challenging for us to establish such a strong relationship before the wedding since there isn’t much time. But with you both, it came so naturally and your light and love for others just shines through you! Thank you for the honor of having us document your love! We cannot wait to see what your future holds!

Cork Factory Wedding Lancaster PA

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