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East Coast Beach Engagement

I always say that I wish I could be as bad ass as the northerners from Game of Thrones. I was born and raised in the North East, I still live in the North East and yet, I feel like I should have been born and raised in the south. However, the best part of where we’re at in Central Pennsylvania is that we’re about 3-4 hours away from A LOT of variety. New York, Pittsburg, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, the East Coast Beaches and more! This gives our couples an amazing variety of options and styles for their engagement sessions.

This beach is by far one of our favorites! It’s quiet and simple and just stunning. The perfect backdrop for the couple who just wants to let their love and their personalities shine and have it be just that. 

That is who Laura and Zach are. Laura is a little more outgoing and bubbly, Zach is a little reserved. The two of them balance each other and that is so important for any marriage or relationship. We fully believe that’s one of the reasons why we get along with them so well. They’re a lot like us! While Laura and I were squealing over wedding details, colors, and flowers; Zach and Mike were manly bonding quietly behind us while walking from location to location. 

Laura and Zach were referred to us from one of our past couples, Jessica & Mason. Laura was Jessicas maid of honor and Jessica will be Lauras Matron of Honor at her wedding this Spring! 

Laura and Zach, Thank you so much for adventuring around this little town in New Jersey with us! We’re so excited for your Hamilton Manor wedding this Spring! Hugs! 

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