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Brick Gables Lititz Pennsylvania Wedding

“There’s no place I’d rather be , Then on my surfboard out at sea , Lingering in the ocean blue  , And If I had one wish come true , I’d surf till the sun sets …

… A wiki wiki mai lohi lohi , Lawe mai I ko papa he’e nalu, Flyin by on the Hawaiian roller coaster ride!”

Now, you probably think that is the most random song lyric to start off a wedding blog post. But to Jessica and Mason this song “Hawaiian roller Coaster Ride” from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch means things are about to fun and wild!

A few months prior to their wedding Mason came to us and said “I have an idea, but it needs to be a surprise.” Our ears perked up and we got so excited! Every time Jessica and Mason go out with friends she always requests that the DJ to plays Hawaiian roller coaster ride. I mean, how freakin adorable is that?! Jessica is the most genuine and life-loving lady we have ever had the pleasure of working with. So you can guarantee right after that conversation with Mason we called Josh of DJ Mast Productions to fill him in on what we were planning! He was equally excited! 

So, what was the plan?? While we were out taking Jessica and Mason’s Sunset photos the bridal party was handing out lei’s to each guest. When we got back into the barn Josh started playing that song and Jessica’s face just lit up! In that moment she felt 100% loved. It actually brought tears to our eyes witnessing this and our very last photo we took on this day was Mason smiling at us while giving us a thumbs up. We knew they had their best day and we were so thankful to be welcomed into their tribe on that day!

Shoutout to some of the other vendors who made this day so beautiful and fun for this deserving couple! Brick Gables, Wild Indigo, The Granary at Brick Gables. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Jessica & Mason, Thank you so much for this incredible friendship we have formed with you both. Your wedding will forever be engrained in our memories. The love of your families, the memories you made such as the wine box, Laura’s fresh prince rap, and Jessica purchasing the explosive confetti poppers that would have likely injured people if we didn’t see the warning label in time. Each of these little moments made your day memorable but the most important thing to remember is the love you both share for each other! Love you lots!! Hugs!

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